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What We Do

At Southern Charm Interiors we specialise in interior design, furniture and staging for properties in Harrogate, Leeds and York. If you are a landlord, estate agent or property management company  we will help you bring out the best in your property or show room, and ensure you extract the most value out of it.

Who We Are

Every project will be led by experienced interior designer Katy O'Neil. She is supported by an able team of painters, decorators and tradesmen who have the the skills to transform any kind of property. Whatever the state of yours, Katy and her team will leave no detail untouched and ensure that yours is fit for the market.

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Interior design furniture and staging service selling luxury furniture and Antiques


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Why Home Stage?

For most people, buying a property is the biggest purchase they will ever make, so every little detail will be pored over. If your property has cracked walls or cluttered rooms, every negative characteristic will be magnified and reduce the offers that come in.

Home staging will ensure that your property not only sells faster, but that you will get a better price for it too. Research shows that whilst home staging will cost roughly 1% of the property's asking price, it will generate an increase of around 8 to 10%. So you will get an excellent rate of return for your investment.

An objective and professional home stage expert will showcase your home in its best light, so that as many people as people can visualise living in it. The property will look amazing both in person and online, so that it stands out amongst the competition.




 Interior design furniture and staging service selling luxury furniture and Antiques



Property Refurbishment

At Southern Charm Interiors, we have the team to refurbish any property however dirty and unclean. We work closely with a trusted network of electricians, painters and decorators who are skilled in refurbishing properties. Led by our interior designer we will ensure that your property is ready for the market.

From painting new walls to adapting the lighting, we will take care of all the jobs to make your property clean, modern and tasteful. No detail will be left untouched and any imperfections in the property will be eliminated.




Interior Design and Furniture Staging

Home buyers only become interested in a property when they can visualise living in it. This can't be achieved if the rooms are empty and devoid of furniture. We will combine space, lighting and furniture to showcase every room in the best possible light.

If you have existing furnishings and fittings we will de-clutter your rooms so that only the essentials remain. We will brighten the home using natural light and carefully positioned lighting. We will also source furniture that will enhance and complement the style and décor of the property, all within your budget.

Once all the decoration is complete, professional cleaners will provide the final touches to the home. We'll leave you with a stunning property that will sell in no time.


 Interior design furniture and staging service selling luxury furniture and Antiques


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