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Deborah grew up in a creative environment in North Yorkshire… and was constantly being encouraged to explore and develop her own individual signature style… to be a creative thinker and always challenge the status quo as artist.

After studying at the Jacob Kramer College of Art, Leeds... she went on to further studies at The Chelsea School of Art, London specialising in textile design. Becoming particularly influenced by the embodiment of pattern and textural formations through her observations of natural plant and animal formations.

Naturally curious, Deborah’s mantra is about capturing the flow, colour, movement and light. These qualities can transform a painting… which can be clearly seen in her eclectic collections.

The transition from natural organic to the abstract structure is her constant goal. She works in a variety of mediums to create texture and depth. The sense of free-flowing motion is captured by the spontaneity of her brush.

“If literature is expressed with a written vocabulary, then my art is expressed with a visual vocabulary”.

Her work is being well received and is garnering a strong following…

Deborah’s art can be delivered anywhere in the UK and globally.



Instagram: deborah_wilkinson_artist